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Integrity Management Solutions, LLC


​What We Do

Building The Future on a Foundation of Excellence

When you hire IMS your leadership team works directly with the Owners.  We do not delegate daily tasks to others within our company, but work hand-in-hand with our clients.


​We are specialists with a high degree of expertise

​IMS continues to develop relationships with a variety of qualified consultants, experts in Commissioning, Surveying, Geotechnical Surveying, EnergyTrust of Oregon, Seismic Grant application, and many more to provide the expertise required to make sure your job is done right.

​Our Goals:

Successfully Completed Projects

Simplicity In Design With Practicality In Mind

High Level of Construction Control Approval



Building teamwork with design and construction professionals.

Proactively gathering stakeholder input.

YOUR Owner's Representative

​This is what we can do for you and your project

Note: The technical specification may vary based on the specific requirements of the project.

​Strategic Planning

  • Stakeholder Coordination

  • Site Analysis & Surveys

  • Master Scheduling

  • Vision Mapping

  • Budget & Estimating

  • Quality & Sustainability

  • Pre-Bond Services

  • OSCIM, SB-1149, ETO, and Seismic Grant     Coordination

​Design Management

  • Design Team Selection

  • Consultant Coordination

  • Phased Design Application

  • Contract Negotiation and Management

  • Design-Bid-Build, CM/GC, Design-Build   Approach

  • Value Engineering

  • Verification of Owner Priorities

​Owner's Representative

  • Monthly Progress Reports

  • Boards Presentations

  • Contract Management

  • Detailed Recordkeeping

  • Site Observation Reports

  • Decision Tracking

  • Proactive Problem Solving

  • Budget Control and Tracking

​Construction Management

  • Hard Bid

  • CM/GC

  • Design-Build

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Strict Budget Control

  • Schedule Milestones


​Get in Touch with Our Team 24/7



With IMS, you'll work directly with the co-owners from pre-design planning through close-out and warranty.  We don't delegate the hands-on project elements to less experienced personnel, and we'll be at every meeting while managing all aspects of the work ourselves.  Your projects will receive personalized attention from experts in the design & construction industry.

Executive Leadership

We know that regular, proactive stakeholder communication is one of the primary keys to project success.  In addition to regular reports during design and construction, IMS also offers unique communication services.  Working with your staff, we'll provide social media & website updates and make community presentations as you request to keep stakeholders informed and give them opportunities for feedback.

Proactive Communication

We're experts at negotiating and holding design and construction firms accountable for budget and schedule performance.  This starts with creating master budgets and schedules, then driving the project milestones, resolving obstacles quickly, periodic budget analysis, value engineering exercises, risk analysis, adequate contingency planning, strict change order control, and a detailed review of job costs at close-out.

Budget & Schedule Control

We keep our corporate overhead low so we can offer billing rates for our executive leadership that is comparable or lower than most companies charge for mid-level project managers.  And with our policy of no mark-ups on consultants or expenses, we routinely provide our exceptional services at a fraction of the cost of most firms, substantially reducing your project budget.

Lower Fees

Above all, you'll know the status of all aspects of your project at all times.  We keep you informed about all decisions, provide options and solutions, advise on potential risk elements, review all costs  with you before approval, and resolve conflicts with your agreement.  And with our detailed project reports, budget spreadsheets, schedule graphs and document database, your stakeholders will have full visibility.


At IMS, we're not just managing projects; we're ensuring that your goals and priorities are integrated for the future of your community. We ensure that your projects not only meet today's needs but those of future generations as well. Sustainable practices, quality construction, and thoughtful design ensure many years of use.

Building The Future

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