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Integrity Management Solutions, LLC


New 50,710 sf 3-story K-2 school with new parking areas, bus loop and playground shared with adjacent Millicoma School.

 "After seeing IMS in action building our schools, I feel we made a great choice! They treat our project as if they lived here!" James LaBine, Former School Board Member


New 50,630 sf 3-story middle school with new parking areas and connection to adjacent high school. All new sitework and utilities were also included.

"IMS has been an outstanding partner during the past few years. Their expertise in the field and ability to communicate with all parties involved has been a real asset to our district and our projects." Bryan Trendell, Former Superintendent


New 30,100 sf 2-story classroom building to replace two older buildings, new 13,200 sf competition gym, plus new parking and bus loop areas.

"It is not surprising to me that the term "Integrity" is included in the IMS business name. In every aspect of the project from budget and schedule management to the final punch list procedure, an open transparent process was implemented by IMS... Every aspect of the IMS involvement was handled professionally, openly and with integrity." Kevin Miller, Former Superintendent


A new playground structure with soft fall tiles was completed during summer. A security vestibule was also added with school in session without impacting occupancy. Meanwhile, the complete HVAC system controls were replaced.


Two phases of construction.  The first was completed in conjunction with construction of new Eastside School, including safety improvements, new parking areas and bus loop, and construction of a new security vestibule.  The second phase included the addition of two new classrooms, installation of a new roof, replacement of HVAC, and interior renovations to the reception area, ADA bathroom addition, and more.

..."we have experienced both schedule and budget challenges and both Chris and Nancy Giggy have been instrumental in helping us stay on schedule and thinking outside of the box on budgetary solutions" Candace McGowne, Former Business Manager


New 12,500 sf Administration wing, including security vestibule, new library and health office, plus 38,400 sf renovations to classrooms, HVAC, roof, all new kitchen and gym connection.  Also included was the addition of a new elevator, sitework replacement, and new bus loop and parking areas.

"Our bond construction projects have exceeded our expectations and IMS is a huge reason for that." Bryan Trendell, Former Superintendent


Fast-track facilities planning and estimating services followed by HVAC system replacement at the Elementary School and the High School gyms, along with construction of a 4500 sf steel playground canopy at the Elementary School. Work was completed during one summer with no impacts to occupancy.


Superior Project Management Exceptional Service

Exceeding Your Expectations

-Kevin Miller, former Superintendent WDSD

“Every aspect of IMS involvement was handled professionally, openly and with integrity.” 


Project Management Bringing your Vision to Life

At Integrity Management Solutions, LLC, we serve as your Owner's Representative, working with you to fully understand your vision and your goals.  Then we work on your behalf to see those goals brought to life, allowing you, the Owner, to focus on the work you do best.

  • Day to day tasks handled by our company owners, not delegated to less experienced personnel

  • Coordination and direct reporting to your Board, Director, Business Manager, Public Relations personnel and community

  • Coordination with your stakeholders and staff throughout design

  • Coordination with Architect, Contractors and all Consultants

  • More than 60 years combined experience in design and construction


​Customized Service to Meet Your Goals

IMS specializes in helping school districts reach their construction goals, from smaller capital projects to large bond projects. Your goals are our first priority.  We work with your leadership directly, assisting with determining and refining scope, then managing your project through final close out.  We work directly with your leadership; Superintendents, Business Managers, and School Boards, without delegating to less experienced personnel.  Our streamlined processes and greater efficiency provide superior service at lower cost, so you can do more with your project budget.

  • Stakeholder Coordination

  • Site Analysis & Surveys

  • Master Scheduling

  • Vision Mapping

  • Budget & Estimating

  • Quality & Sustainability

  • Pre-Bond Services

  • OSCIM, SB-1149, ETO, and Seismic Grant Coordination

Strategic Planning

  • Design Team Selection

  • Consultant Coordination

  • Phased Design Application

  • Contract Negotiation and Management

  • Design-Bid-Build, CM/GC, Design-Build Approach

  • Value Engineering

  • Verification of Owner Priorities

Design Management

  • Monthly Progress Reports

  • Boards Presentations

  • Contract Management

  • Detailed Recordkeeping

  • Site Observation Reports

  • Decision Tracking

  • Proactive Problem Solving

  • Budget Control and Tracking

​Owner's Representative

  • Hard Bid

  • CM/GC

  • Design-Build

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Strict Budget Control

  • Schedule Milestones

Construction Management


​About Us

At IMS, the co-owners personally manage all aspects of our design and construction projects without delegating to lower-level staff.  That's why our clients consistently describe our service as "exceptional".  And that's how we deliver all of our projects within budget and on-schedule while ensuring all of our clients' goals and objectives are accomplished.  We customize our approach to meet our clients' needs, provide regular performance reports, and proactively communicate about important decisions and issues.  We believe in transparency, collaboration and above all, integrity.

Chris and Nancy


- Kevin Miller, Former Superintendent

“Every aspect of the IMS involvement was handled professionally, openly and with integrity.”

- Kevin Miller, former Superintendent WDSD

“Between Chris and Nancy, they share decades of experience in the construction trades…This benefit from their experience and knowledge was a common thread through every phase of the project right up to completion.”

-Marlene Gillis, Soderstrom Architects

"It was clear at every design and construction meeting that their entire team was current and well versed in the project details, which allowed them to speak knowledgeably from their project management perspective."​

-Bryan Trendell, Former Superintendent

"Integrity Management Solutions has been an outstanding partner during the past few years. Their expertise in the field and ability to communicate with all parties involved has been a real asset to our district and our projects. Our bond construction projects have exceeded our expectations and IMS is a huge reason for that."

-James LaBine, School Board Member

"After seeing IMS in action building our schools, I feel we made a great choice! They treat our project as if they lived here!"


​Making it Easy: A Simple Guide to Our Process

IMS offers a unique service, assisting school districts before your bond measure goes to the ballot.  We engage with the district to understand your program goals and requirements and assist your team in coordinating effective communication with your community, formulate strategies, assess site conditions, and convey the bond's value proposition to the local community.

Initial Planning

Step 1

Upon bond endorsement, IMS spearheads the process of choosing top-tier design professionals. We collaborate closely with the district's project leadership, bond oversight committee and the school board to advertise, review, interview, and contract with excellent design professionals.

Bond Approval

Step 2

Throughout the design stage, IMS ensures that the educational vision, structural guidelines, and eco-friendly standards are seamlessly integrated into the design, all while maintaining budget discipline. We initiate user groups that encompass teachers, facility personnel, district representatives, students, coaches, and community stakeholders to bring a holistic perspective.

Design Development

Step 3

IMS oversees the crucial project bidding stage, advertising, building interest, and ensuring general contractors provide complete and competitive bids. We coordinate and streamline the bid evaluation and project awarding processes.

Bidding Event

Step 4

IMS guarantees the three pillars: the educational program, building guidelines, and sustainability benchmarks, are adhered to during the construction. We diligently monitor the budget, schedule, design adherence, and maintain stringent quality checks. Proactive communication with local building jurisdictions helps to streamline project completion.

Building Stage

Step 5

This phase includes thorough punch list walks, final architect and contractor walkthroughs, and the delivery of O&M (Operations and Manuals) to the owner. Review of all costs to the project are part of our Final Close Out before final contractor payments are made. Additionally, the district is provided with essential training, and the facility undergoes a comprehensive commissioning process.

Project Handover

Step 6


IMS Accomplishments


Years Combined Experience in Design and Construction


Projects in last six years

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